The 1975


They’re sort of an alternative rock/indie band from Cheshire! Hence Matthew Healy’s (vocalist) adorable accent. I bet they’ve been around longer but I just recently discovered them while I was looking at wedding proposals on YouTube (don’t judge me. Some are really adorable and tear jerking) and one of them used Chocolate as the music video’s background! I instantly fell in love with it! Continue reading

Here’s To The Words Left Unspoken!


The thing about me and you is that we’ll always be unfinished business. I’ll always have this regret of not telling you how I felt, of not grabbing the opportunity when I had the chance. I was afraid. I was afraid of not knowing if you felt the same way. I wanted a safety net and that was unfair of me. I guess, I wanted to know the extent of your feelings. I wanted to see if you would chase me when I walked away. But you didn’t, and I don’t blame you. Not anymore.  Continue reading

Note to Self

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                 Quit over thinking. You always have this habit of analyzing every little detail of everything that’s happening around you, including the ones other people are experiencing, too. Always thinking that something is wrong with you or how you go about your business. But don’t you see? That’s the thing; it’s your business and your life. Do the things that make you happy. Eat the food you want and not think about all the “carbs” in it. Wear your favorite loose jeans and faded t-shirt because it’s comfortable. Life is just too short to always worry about what other people think instead of focusing on what you think and how you feel, for once.                                     Continue reading