A Full-Time Working, Full-Load Law Student

Your Lawyer Says

It is the end of the semester, another tiring semester.

For many, at last, vacation is at hand. They can now go home to their family homes or probably book a flight abroad. For a few of us, another week is just another work week – the hustle never ends.

This is the life of a full-time working, full-load law student.

The demands imposed by professors to law students are impossible to be done in 24 hours. You have to read at least two reference books, a multitude of cases, a few reviewers to tune it up, and finally, reread them all again for mastery. After mastering the cases, you have to take your pen and scribble in numerous case digests, which can take an eternity to finish. As far as the seniors’ rule of thumb go, they tell us that for every unit in law school, three hours of…

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Coral Pink, Please.


Growing up, I have always admired people who are talented in applying makeup. I’m not sure if I associate makeup with school supplies or stationary; Maybe I see brushes as paintbrushes and lipsticks as pens. It could also have something to do with the different packaging; nudes, pastels and even vibrant neon ones. Although I don’t apply makeup, there are times when I find myself wandering around makeup stalls in the mall. Going through each brand, not particularly looking for anything. I guess it’s kind of therapeutic for me to look at all of them neatly stacked together. Sometimes I want to buy foundation or blush, but I have to stop myself because I know I won’t use it. It’s kind of hard to explain, really. There’s this part of me who wants to buy the whole shebang: primer, foundation, all types of palettes, and lipsticks. Continue reading



I’ve dealt with acne ever since I was in elementary school. My face has never cleared up completely, but these products have lessened the redness and spots. It used to be worse than it is now. Back then, no filter could hide my pimples. And they were huge too. I have no definite skin care routine because my skin is moody as f*ck. It reacts well to a product today then a few weeks later, rejects it completely. So I always have to switch it up. Continue reading

Chubby For Life


I always had a problem with my weight. When I was in elementary school, I would often get teased because of my figure. Personally, I never thought that I was fat. Not even when my classmates were yelling “balyena!” (whale) to my face. But the teasing did hurt. It affected the way I saw myself and my classmates. I would get so jealous of all the “thin” girls in my class because they were getting all the attention from the boys (what? everyone had immature crushes back then. Was I the only one?) and even from my teachers. I had a gorgeous classmate, once. It hurt to be around her because you could feel how plain you were compared to her. How irrelevant you are. You all know the story: She was the favorite of every teacher and of course, everyone wanted to be friends with her. I’ll admit that I was one of those people who tried to be in her inner circle. Was I jealous of her popularity? Yes. Did I ever get insecure? Yes. All the time. So, I said to myself, “This will change by the time I reach high school.” And surprisingly, it did. I lost weight and finally, even for a short moment, I was in the spotlight.

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Getting To Know You (& Me)


(this photo is from Wild-Spirit.net)

Another great idea from Camie Juan! Here are the mechanics:

“So anyway, back to the Getting To Know You post, I’d really love to ask some questions and have you guys answer them via comments! It’s okay if you’re anon, your answers still give me an idea who you are! I’ll ask 5 questions, and answer them too so you’ll have an insight as to who I am as well :)” Continue reading