Coral Pink, Please.


Growing up, I have always admired people who are talented in applying makeup. I’m not sure if I associate makeup with school supplies or stationary; Maybe I see brushes as paintbrushes and lipsticks as pens. It could also have something to do with the different packaging; nudes, pastels and even vibrant neon ones. Although I don’t apply makeup, there are times when I find myself wandering around makeup stalls in the mall. Going through each brand, not particularly looking for anything. I guess it’s kind of therapeutic for me to look at all of them neatly stacked together. Sometimes I want to buy foundation or blush, but I have to stop myself because I know I won’t use it. It’s kind of hard to explain, really. There’s this part of me who wants to buy the whole shebang: primer, foundation, all types of palettes, and lipsticks.


Maybe this growing obsession has something to do with the blogs/vlogs I’ve been reading/watching. I love seeing what brands of makeup they use and their skincare routines. For the record, my skincare as of late only consists of washing my face with soap (Ivory) and applying a moisturizer at night (Blue Herbal Moisturizer from Kiehl’s). Given that my skin has never been completely clear (I blame this on pollution and genetics), I have never doubted my regimen. But now, I’m starting to think that maybe I’m not doing enough to take care of it. But skincare will be in another blog post. (Or you can read my previous skincare routine here.)

I have also been thinking a lot about making my own Youtube channel (NaksPara Youtuber na talaga). But I have yet to muster the courage to start it. I still think that I don’t have the “abilities” to achieve “makeup guru” status. I still have to practice all the aspects of makeup;  I can only apply one shade of eyeshadow, curl my eyelashes but I have yet to master “the wing”. I know the only way that I can achieve this is with practice. I also badly want to be a Youtuber who can also help beginners in makeup like me; provide cheap dupes for expensive brands and possibly debunk makeup myths. Who knows, maybe I’ll start this year.

Our culture also makes it slightly hard for people who use makeup on a daily basis (I feel like people would judge you hard but kudos to you if you don’t care. I wish I have your courage). Majority of them think that makeup is only for specials occasions when in reality, it is so much more. I think that makeup can transform you into anyone  you want to be that’s why it’s so much fun. It doesn’t always have to tie-up with having no self-confidence in showing a bare face. In my opinion, you can be confidently beautiful (with a heart. Joke) whether you choose to wear makeup or not. You shouldn’t get criticized for doing either of the two.

Makeup can mean a lot of different things to different people. There’s really no deeper meaning in this post but to only express my fondness for it. I’m not here to change anybody’s mind about anything. May we all strive to do the things that make us happy!

(All photos are not mine.)


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