Fool’s Game


Broken-hearted fools running down the street,

wishing, cursing, falling down on their knees.

Wondering what, what was the point of it all?

With heavy hearts, they carried their bodies like anchors,

gasping, yearning, trying to build up walls.

But the walls came too late for each one of them had fallen

screaming, praying, God, why did this happen?

Though their hearts were on the verge of decay,

one of the fools wanted to stay.

While the others looked beyond,

he got up and carried on.

A broken-hearted fool was walking down the street,

in his eyes there was hope, no sign of defeat.

He threw his doubt, pain and fear in the bushes,

letting go of the emotions he never needed.

He then saw something that made him gasp,

and his battered heart started beating incredibly fast.

What he thought was the end was only the beginning,

the feeling of love has returned, he suddenly felt like singing.

Two fools are walking down the street.


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