My Take On Miley


I was never a Miley Cyrus fan. However, like most kids growing up with cable, I watched a lot of Disney Channel. One of the Disney shows I kept track of was Hannah Montana. I can see what all the fuss is about- here’s a girl who was such a sweetheart with hair that has gorgeous curls turn into a WOMAN WITH A STRONG PERSONALITY AND IS CONFIDENT ABOUT HER BODY AND HER SHORT, BLOND HAIR. *WARNING, WARNING! THERE’S A CHILD GROWING UP ON AISLE 4! REQUESTING THE ASSISTANCE OF PEOPLE WHO ARE NARROW MINDED AND CAN’T ACCEPT  THE FACT THAT THIS IS NOT NEVERLAND! I’M SORRY. KIDS GROW-UP IN THIS DIMENSION. PLEASE GO TO AISLE 6 TO FIND DESIRED ITEM.* 

If she wants to dance on stage with nothing but her undies on and stick her tongue out like a workaholic camel, then let her! If that’s what she thinks is right, who are we to judge her choices? Yeah, yeah. A lot of girls look up to her and build Miley Cyrus’ shrine in their rooms. They idolize Miley for her music (at least, I hope they do. If they  idolize her for her “fashown” sense, then parents all over the world should have a little talk with their baby girls) and how she’s able to connect through her songs.  Aside from how she dresses, and I hate to admit this, but half of her songs are really good. We should pay more attention to the lyrics and message of the song instead of the music video.

All I’m saying is let’s not be judgmental and label her a slutwhorecunt. She might be going through something and this is just how she deals with it. I believe that people have unique ways of dealing with problems. Me, for example. Whenever I feel sad, I sulk in my room and look for pictures that will further destroy my self-esteem because that surprisingly makes me feel better. By destroying my self-esteem, I’m snapped out of the depression state. And by feeling sorry for myself, I actually gather up the courage to change the things I don’t like about me- may it be my personality, my looks or grades. That’s pretty messed up, right? That’s my thing. And Miley’s ways of probably dealing with her problems are cutting her hair ridiculously short, wearing provocative clothes (or sometimes none at all) and twerking like there’s no tomorrow. Who are we to say that that’s not the best for her when we don’t even understand what she’s feeling?

I just feel sorry for Miley. I hope she gets through whatever it is that’s haunting her.


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